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Public Eye Holdings Limited is a proudly black owned investment company established in 2015

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Among our investments are media services, constructions, and supplier of goods and services, mineral resources, logistics and transportation services, property development and management, consulting services, trading and development and music.

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Public Eye Holdings subsidiaries companies and investments portfolios include: Public Eye Media, Public Eye Consulting, Public Eye Construction, Public Eye Goods and Services, Public Eye Mineral Resources, Public Eye Music, Public Eye Projects, Public Eye Properties, and Public Eye Logistics and Transportation.

Managing with a view to maximizing value creation and sustainable growth with a focus on the creation of shareholder value and sustainable growth by investing in businesses that can deliver superior earnings and dividend growth over the long term;

This objective is underpinned by Public Eye Holdings investment philosophy and strategy and also its understanding of all risks and opportunities associated with the holdings’ investment portfolio

These risks and opportunities are continuously measured against the risk appetite and risk-bearing capacity determined by the board.

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